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Student Council, Cells & Clubs

Student Council, Cells & Clubs

ISB&M Bangalore, outside academics, is fully student-driven and offers an enriching campus experience for all our students; different student cells, clubs & event teams independently take charge of a variety of activities, events, fests & competitions. The Student Council conceptualizes the flagship events of the institute and actualizes them, working with the event-specific teams. The Student council also guides various cells & clubs in planning various activities and events, and monitors their flawless execution.


President and Vice President of the student's council are responsible for driving all initiatives and serve as an umbrella body for all clubs and cells on campus, ensuring their smooth operation at every juncture. In addition to serving as a liaison between students and administration, the Student Council will work ceaselessly to improve the comfort and quality of life on campus.


ISB&M Bangalore Placement Assistance Cell, independently operated by the students, is devoted to cater to the talent needs of organizations, acting as a crucial interface between the ISB&M graduates aspiring to build successful professional careers and the industry looking for outstanding ‘manager’ & ‘leader’ materials. Through a robust & ever-growing network in the corporate world, the cell also ensures that the students find relevant experiential learning opportunities in the forms of internships, training programs, live projects and so on.


The Lifestyle cell grooms the students into professionals with a stylish edge and also ensure that the students have a balance between studies, work and enjoyment at the same time.


Alumni Cell is the cord that binds every alumnus to his or her Alma Mater. Its aim is to maintain the alumni network and handle associated events like the convocation and alumni meets


Professional Development cell initiates and executes an array of programs focusing on hard & soft workplace relevant competencies like communication skills, aptitude skills, interview skills, public speaking skills, analytics software like MS Excel, and so on. The cell partners with industry experts as well as in-house faculties in conducting these programs on a regular basis.

Digital Marketing and Footprint cell

The Digi-cell seeks to tell the story of ISB&M Bangalore to all its stakeholders. The cell generates a repository of moments of various events and activities organised in the institute & communicates it to the audience across a variety of social media platforms.


In alignment with the ISB&M philosophy of holistic development of students, the sports cell aims to promote a culture of sportsmanship & competitiveness by organizing sports & fitness activities regularly. Working with the physical fitness instructor, the cell also handles the responsibility of keeping the students physically & mentally fit.

Marcore (Marketing Club)

Marcore strives to translate classroom learnings in Marketing to real-life situations & problems by conducting live-projects and competitions.


VittaShastra aims to give the students experience in practical aspects of Finance by facilitating their engagement with the industry stalwarts.

tHRive (HR Club)

tHrive, the HR Club of ISB&M Bangalore, regularly organises workshops and seminars led by industry experts where they network, share & learn best people practices, talent trends and HR knowledge.

Analytica (Analytics Club)

Analytica works with students across all specialisations and increase their awareness of Data Sciences, Business Analytics, AI & ML & career opportunities in these areas.